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  Customer Advisory & Newsletter November 2010  
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We have included your company in our latest mailing of -  The Visor, since you have had the opportunity to use the services of Logistxs or we have had the opportunity to provide you with a quotation, or both.

Many of our customers have used Logistxs for a single type of transportation service, specific to their particular need.  Many are not aware that we can provide a whole host of services, and have been developing our craft for nearly 25 years.

Webster: a protector. 
A 'visor' is used to help you safely navigate when conditions can't clearly be seen, another measure of protection - as you move from point a to point b.  Our customer advisory can help you navigate the transportation road ahead.  Q. Who uses a visor?   A.  Golfers, tennis players, truckers, & Logistxs customers.

Did you know that we routinely:
  • Move freight in and out of Canada
  • Have a large hand-picked network of carriers
  • Pass our savings along on all your shipments
  • Can handle cargo in & out of foreign ports
  • Can save you money by using rail to move goods
  • Provide web access for your delivery info
  • Have web quote forms available to you
  • Can provide air freighting services
  • Will provide loading / unloading, when asked
  • Have customer service reps available M-F
  • Monitor your freight till it's delivered
putting it all together
Putting Together the Pieces

The operations team at Logistxs is specialized to assure that a client's freight is picked up, properly moved, and delivered on time.  They work in unison, to seamlessly choreograph the daily traffic load.  It's  like watching a professional football team anticipating problems, planning strategies, and moving the ball downfield before problems get a chance to creep in.


Commentary - A Look At 3PLs

by John Lavin - Marketing Manager at Logistxs

According to a recent study by RITA, the 3PL industry has slowly and steadily been on the increase as more and more US companies farm out that part of their business. The study points out that more businesses are focusing on their core activities. [see chart on breakdown of activities] In fact, it estimates that more than $100 Billion is the current 3PL intake with more than $50 Billion flowing through the 3PLs, back out directly to the carriers.

Most of the 3PL companies are non-asset based, having no trucks, warehouses or other transportation type assets.  This alllows them to be very flexible in many respects.  The experienced providers can react quickly to changes in US and global market conditions.  In much the way that Captain Sully managed to land his aircraft safely in New York harbor, the senior management of the 3PLs navigate their companies through the current entanglement of regulations and complexities to get the daily job done of delivering goods. 

Logistxs has been such a company, as it prepares to turn the calendar on 25 years.

Logistxs monitors industry conditions that inadvertently affect your ability to move freight.  In this effort, check out some of the latest headlines.

The Next Step in Development of National Rail Plan Announced [more]

Secretary LaHood Announces More Than 70 Innovative Transportation Projects Competitively Funded Under TIGER II  [more]

Just In - BTS Releases Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI) Freight Index Fell 0.6% [more]

Get a Piece of This - U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces $18.7 Million in Transportation Research Grants in Eleven States [more]

Pirates Still a Problem - Maritime Administration Issues Piracy Warning [more]


Expert Handling

Extending his career in transportation, Will Taraschi joined Logistxs in 2008, having started with the industry in 1994.

Will T

He spent earlier years with a North American Van Lines agency, later moving to Logistxs.  Most work days you'll be able to reach him at his desk & on ext.#20 where he is busy with customers handling quotes, orders and operational issues.

He's recently married, enjoys mountain biking, running, music, and searching for diamonds in Tanzania.

We asked Will some crazy questions:

Q.  If you could be any cartoon character for a day, who would that be?
A.  UnderDog, of course.

Q.  If you were allowed to have only one free trip to one place on earth, where might that be?
A.  Great Britain, baby!

Q.  What was the last thing you did to contribute to a greener earth?
A.  I regularly recycle anything I can at home or in the office.

Kelly Witherspoon, one of Logistxs' Operations Managers says, " getting a quote out to a customer can be easy and quick".  She recommends that customers get ALL of the necessary information (see right panel) before calling for price quotes.

Gather these important details about your shipment:

origin zip code   |    destination zip code
weight   |   pallet or piece count   |   freight class or description
pick-up date and time   |   delivery date and time

any loading / unloading help needed
hazardous shipment

freight dimensions   |   climate control

For a Full List of details visit our website quote sheet
Did you know, that Logistxs turns 25 years old in a few months?
Did you know that Centerville is the most used city name (45 States)?
Did you know that the longest highway in the US is I-90 (3,020 mi.)?
....but route I-95 goes through the most states - 16?  ...and cost the most ($9B)?
Did you know that Logistxs' owned Journey Freight handles more than
 1 million cases of wine and beverages per year?

Did you know that 1 pallet of platinum weights about 52,000 lbs., and
short haul drivers spend 33 out of their 40 hr. in loading and unloading freight?

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