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  Customer Advisory & Newsletter December 2010  
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This is the time of year that seems the busiest, both in business and personally.  Time can really fly by in December.  This is why we all need to slow down and enjoy this special time of year.  When you see yourself at times 'going crazy' - stop, take a deep breath, look around, and enjoy the moment. You may notice sights, sounds, aromas, and laughter never before appreciated.

Logistxs will be closed for business on:
December 24
December 31

As our employees celebrate with friends and family, this season, we know that we have our customers to thank.  We all sincerely appreciate the business you have brought to us these past years. We wish you happiness and joy this Holiday with good health and business wealth for 2011.

As we continue into 2011
Many of our customers have used Logistxs for a single type of transportation service, specific to their particular need.  Some are not aware that we can provide a whole host of services, and have been developing our craft for nearly 25 years.

Did you know that we routinely:
  • Move freight in and out of Canada
  • Have a large hand-picked network of carriers
  • Pass our savings along on all your shipments
  • Can handle cargo in & out of foreign ports
  • Can save you money by using rail to move goods
  • Provide web access for your delivery info
  • Have web quote forms available to you
  • Can provide air freighting services
  • Will provide loading / unloading, when asked
  • Have customer service reps available M-F
  • Monitor your freight till it's delivered
  • Analyze your freight bills for errors and savings
  • Add your delivery data to our website for your convenience
Team effort
At Logistxs it's a TEAM effort!

All of the departments at Logistxs work together as a team.  A system of checks and balances have been developed over the many years that the company has been in business.  Of course the conditions that guide the team are usually in flux so flexibility has been built into the system. Think about all of the changes that have taken place in the transportation industry in just the past few years and especially since 911.  It's almost like playing a game while the rules are changing.  But never fear, experienced players continue to move the ball, until that GOAL is reached. You can count on the team at Logistxs to stay in the game and make the goals that you count on - every day.


Commentary - A Look At Credibility

by John Lavin - Marketing Manager at Logistxs

It sometimes happens that a customer will call for a price quote.  Seemingly the customer will have all the necessary information about the origin, goods, and destination of their shipment.  The move is completed by Logistxs and an invoice is sent to the customer. The customer kindly remits payment.  Then by surprise, three weeks later, the carrier sends another invoice to Logistxs for some ancillary or unexpected billable condition.  This is where having a knowledgeable broker in your corner, makes it all worth it.  Logistxs will usually dispute the invoice with the carrier, fighting on behalf of their customers', rather than just forward the bill on. 

Unless the customer has provided inaccurate information about their shipment, Logistxs will stand firm on the original quote. Occasionally the additional charge may be deemed fair.  It's part of doing business and treating our customers in an ethical way.

Logistxs and many of it's competitors, belong to the T.I.A. (Transportation Intermediaries Association) and agree to  adhere to a code of ethics as a condition of membership.  We take our commitment seriously.  We take your business shipments seriously.

Logistxs has been such a company, as it prepares to turn the calendar on 25 years.

Logistxs monitors industry conditions ( some serious and some for fun) that inadvertently affect your ability to move freight.  In this effort, check out some of the latest headlines.

Just in time for the Holidays - U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces Holiday Drunk Driving Crackdown [more]

Oh Great ! Just 3 hours - No Tarmac Delays Longer Than Three Hours in October  [more]

Another Layer of Compliance - FMCSA Launches New Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) Program for Commercial Trucks and Buses [more]

Rosa Rocks! - 55 Years After Rosa Parks Refused To Give Up Her Seat, FTA Carries On Legacy to Ensure Equal Access for All [more]

Road Travel in the USA - OMG! - Check out the graph on page 9 of this monthly study published by the Federal Highway Adm.  This graph show all miles traveled by both private and commercial vehicle traffic. [more]


traffic up ahead

Dave Tangeman joined Logistxs in 1998, having started with the industry in 1972.

Dave T

He spent his earlier years as a District Manager responsible for logistics at Isolatek International.  Most work days you'll be able to reach him at his desk & on ext.#10 where he is busy with customers handling quotes, orders and operational issues.
He's married, enjoys his grandkids, loves finding new restaurants in New Jersey with his wife, and collecting  Jackie Gleason memorabilia ;-)

We asked Dave some crazy questions:

Q.  Bill gates has just awarded you a new vacation home anywhere in the world, where should Bill build the house?
A.  Charleston, South Carolina. I just love it there.

Q.  What vegetable do you hate, but wish you really could like it.
A.  My wife loves to make squash, and I really don't like it, squash would the one i would choose!

Q.  What was the last thing you did to contribute to a greener earth?
A.  I always use the back of any printed paper for scrap paper, it's a great way to conserve, not use so many post-its, and saves a lot of paper over time.


Frank Rihlik, one of Logistxs' Operations Managers says, " the importance of
properly receiving a shipment, is huge
since the consequences of not noting
damage can be disastrous.
Be prepared before your shipment arrives.
  • notify the consignee of the expected date
  • when the driver arrives, be present during the unloading
  • carefully examine all sides of the exterior packaging
  • if the freight looks ok, sign the Delivery Receipt, keep a copy
  • If there is damage, see our note below
  • If possible, take pictures of the damaged cartons
  • Notify your broker as soon as possible

Never sign for freight "Subject to Inspection".  That term has no value in any claim proceedings.  When your freight appears to be damaged, write clearly on the freight receipt that there is FREIGHT DAMAGE.  If possible attempt to determine how many pieces are DAMAGED. Describe the damage on the freight receipt or delivery receipt.

You may use any term that applies (i.e. wet, dirty, ripped, crushed, leaking, torn).  Be as descriptive as possible.  If a camera is handy, take pictures.  Later you may be asked to email, fax, or send the photos to the broker or insurance company.  And of course, as stated above, notify your broker ASAP when damage occurs.

Did you know, that stats on many US carriers are available for free?
Just go to this DOT page and submit the carrier info.

Like figuring out vanity license plates? People use their intellect to come up
with unique plates like "XLR8" (accelerate), "FXION8" (affectionate),
"CMUTE"(commute) and so on..."1DERFUL", isn't it?

Did you know that Logistxs' although expanded several times, has
occupied the same address for 23 years?

Did you know that New Jersey is the only state where all its counties are classified as metropolitan areas and has the most dense system of highways and railroads in the U.S.
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